How to Buy a
Used Car in 2024


You Could Save up to 40% Off!

Buying a used vehicle can be a smart financial move. Whether you’re driven by budget or a desire to sidestep significant depreciation (around 40%), there’s a massive selection of modern, high-quality used car models available which many have been quality and performance checked and come with a service history.

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An Affordable Way to Buy Your Next Motor

Used cars have always more affordable than brand new, and depending on where you buy them from, generally come bundled with a limited warranty for added peace of mind. Likewise, many car manufacturers often honour an engine warranty despite the vehicle being resold.

Like all purchases, used car prices will vary between dealers and location, so it’s worth taking your time doing your homework at Auto Trader, CarWow, Arnold Clark, Cinch, plus at your local dealerships to gauge an average price for the used vehicle you want .


Where’s the Best Place to Buy a Used Car?

Once you’ve decided to buy a used car and decided on your make, model and budget, the next step is where you wish to purchase the vehicle from.

Traditionally, many customers will prefer to stroll into their local independent or official dealership and make a purchase face-to-face. Alternatively, there’s no shortage of cars on Auto Trader or Carwow and Cinch whose cars are all quality checked and include the vehicle’s full-service history. Many of them also offer a 30-day vehicle satisfaction / return policy.


Certified Pre-Owned: Real or Rip-Off?

Every official dealership offers Certified Pre-Owned (CPO) vehicles. These are usually aged between two to three years with low mileage and offer a enticing middle ground between new and used cars.

Backed by manufacturer warranties and subjected to rigorous inspections by factory-trained mechanics, CPO vehicles provide an impression of assurance akin to their new counterparts. Additionally, some CPO programs offer leasing options and a 30-day return policy, like Cinch, which certainly increases the appeal of buying the best used car for you.


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Article posted on: 09 April 2024. Author: Ken

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